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Orchestration Abstractions

Threeport was built on the shoulders of giants. This document describes how we see Threeport in the context of the cloud native software stack and how we build upon previous advancements.

This document is a bit of an over-simplification of a complex topic, but helps illustrate Threeport's value proposition.


Linux is an operating system for a single machine. It provides abstractions for the devices on a computer and orchestrates process on that machine. It allows us to write programs without integrating directly with the underlying hardware. The Unix operating systems enabled the explosion of monolithic software.

Monolithic Computing


Kubernetes is an operating system for a data center of machines. It provides abstractions for scheduling, network and storage, and orchestrates containers in a single geographical region. It facilitates managing software deployments at scale and has enabled the explosion of distributed software.

Distributed Computing


Threeport is an operating system for all of your data centers globally. It provides abstractions for workload dependencies and orchestrates application delivery to any location. Threeport manages cloud provider infrastructure, Kubernetes clusters, managed services and support services installed on Kubernetes. These are all managed in service of the application you need to deliver. Threeport is designed to enable the explosion of decentralized and globally distributed software systems.

Decentralized Computing

Next Steps

To get a practical understanding of how Threeport orchestrates app delivery, see our Getting Started page which provides the steps to install Threeport and use it to deploy a sample application.