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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of applications does Threport support?

Threeport supports any containerized application. It doesn't matter what language your app is built with. Threeport intentionally does not dictate any build processes, frameworks or app architecture. Your continuous integration processes need not change. If your app can be built into a container image, it can run on Threeport.

Does Threeport support runtime environments besides Kubernetes?

Threeport can be extended to support other runtime environments or container orchestrators, but Kubernetes is the only one supported today. Threeport makes using Kubernetes much more approachable and provides access to the capabilities of that system.

Which cloud providers does Threeport support?

Today, Amazon Web Services is the only supported cloud provider. See our roadmap for plans to support others.

Does my team have to support Threeport to use it?

See our Managed Threeport page for an up-to-date list of providers that offer managed Threeport solutions.

Where did the name "Threeport" come from?

Your application is a boat and it has dependencies on ports, or something like that.

How can I contribute to Threeport?

The developer docs for Threeport are on GitHub. There you'll find a contributing guide and quickstart guide.

What is on the Threeport roadmap?

You can find the project roadmap on GitHub as well.