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Kubernetes Runtimes

A Kubernetes Runtime is currently the only Threeport-supported runtime environment for workloads. Each instance represents a distinct Kubernetes cluster. You can deploy and utilize as many Kubernetes Runtimes as your needs required.

As such Workloads in Threeport require Kubernetes resource manifests to deploy them.

For more information about Kubernetes, see the official Kubernetes docs.

Alternative Runtimes

It is possible to add support for alternative runtime environments such as machines, i.e. deploying directly to a server using a machine image.

Alternative runtimes are not on the Threeport roadmap but could be incorporated.

Kubernetes Runtime Definition

The definition allows you to specify which infrastructure provider to use (currently only EKS on AWS is supported). You can also specify the node sizes and profiles. Currently, you can reference the source code to see which NodeSize and NodeProfile values are available and what AWS machine types these translate to. All Kubernetes Runtimes use cluster autoscaling and you can specify the maximum number of nodes to allow in the cluster.

Reference: KubernetesRuntimeDefinition


This represents a deployed instance of a Kubernetes cluster. You can specify which location you would like to use. Currently, you can reference the source code for the available Location values and which AWS regions they correspond to.

Reference: KubernetesRuntimeInstance

Next Steps

We have a Remote Kubernetes Runtime guide that walks you through the creation of a Kubernetes cluster to use for your workloads in Threeport.