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Threeport offers observability systems for your applications as a support service so that you can access metrics and logs for your workloads.

Threeport uses Prometheus for metrics collection and alerting, Promtail for log forwarding, Loki for log storage and Grafana to access this info.

Observability Stack Definition

This object defines the entire observability stack using the projects mentioned above. They can be configured to your liking, however, the default values can be used to set up an observability stack without input values.

Reference: ObservabilityStackDefinition

Observability Stack Instance

When you create an instance, you can disable metrics or logging if you don't need one of them and you can specify the Kubernetes Runtime Instance you would like the observability stack deployed to. Once deployed, all workload metrics and logs will be collected and made available to the user.

Reference: ObservabilityStackInstance